Kathryn McBride, a graphic designer, photographer and digital artist will create an original Digital Painting
using your photographs of your children, grandchildren, friends or significant other.
Imagine gazing at a painting of your loved one living their dreams—
flying to the moon, battling sea monsters, rescuing a damsel in distress!
You provide the photo, We’ll provide the magic!
Order your own custom Digital Painting today! It makes a wonderful birthday, Christmas, anniversary,
or retirement gift and will be a beautiful addition to your home or office.
Whatever you can imagine, Kathryn will create for you.


how-this-works-infographic-final-1500pxWHAT IS A “DIGITAL PAINTING”?

It is the process of digitally manipulating photos while seamlessly integrating them into an artistic and beautiful illustration.


  1. You place your order for a digital painting from Just Imagine Creative
  2. you will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire that asks general questions, one of which is your own vision for the piece. We will make every effort to produce a piece to your satisfaction, however, since each piece is its own individual, one-of-a-kind work of art, the final product will reflect the artist’s personal interpretation.
  3. We will also ask you to send us one (or preferably more) photos of your loved one in full-figure, action poses (see full specs on order form and questionnaire) via e-mail or regular mail. Please be sure to have the right clothing in the photo that will fit your theme. For example: if you want your little leaguer to be in the big leagues, please make sure that the photo has him/her in their baseball uniform. If you are limited to photos that you have on hand, we will do our best to make your vision happen. If the submitted photos do not lend themselves to the final design, or if we have another idea that might work better with the image, we will contact you to see how to best handle the project.


  1. In approximately 2-4 weeks, you will receive a cd containing a high-resolution digital file and an archival high-resolution print via regular mail.
  2. You will receive a link and private password to your own gallery at pixels.com via e-mail. This will give you the option of ordering framed, canvas, or metal prints (you can even order t-shirts, greeting cards, tote bags and much more). These products will be produced and shipped to you directly from Pixels.com, a premiere online service.
  3. A beautiful custom, artistic, digital painting for you and your loved ones to enjoy!


295 price 400px   TO ORDER   

*Price is for one subject only. There will be an additional charge for multiple subjects. Please contact us at 708.790.2140 or visit our “contact us” page for details.
Pixels.com is a separate company and is solely responsible for any products ordered through its website.